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Jaffa Journal

A message from our Potentate

With Christmas and New Year’s behind us, I hope your holidays were happy ones with time celebrating with friends and family.

The time has come to thank Illustrious Sir Ken and Lady Delores for their hard work and all they have accomplished in the year of 2016. I would also like to thank our Divan for the great work done in 2016.

Being elected to the position of Potentate brings with it a great responsibility, which I am ready to accept. Lady Sandy and I have a great respect for the chair and for Jaffa. Our theme for 2017 is “Celebration Time – C-Mon”. The theme has a two-fold purpose; first my election to Potentate and second we are celebrating her fifth year clear of breast cancer. So you see, it’s a little personal. We would like for the nobility and ladies to join us this year as we celebrate.

My goals this year are probably no different than some year’s past – membership, capital campaign fund, and I would like to add Shrine Clubs to the agenda. All three of the aforementioned programs are in dire need of attention.

A few words about the Potentate’s Reception on April 1st – I would like a full evening of events from the crescent to some units performing and then returning to the banquet hall to dance the night away with ARNIE, the singing D.J. The Legion of Honor had ARNIE a few years until he moved to Florida. He has agreed to come back for our special night. A great time will be had by all. I personally guarantee it.

Our trip to the Great Smokey Mountains looks like a good possibility. We have had a lot of interest so far. The great fire damage was mostly cottages and cabins on the outskirts of our destinations. The tourist centers assured us of a great trip. An informational meeting for the trip is scheduled for January 25th in the 22nd Street Lounge at 7 p.m.

With our next publication, Lady Sandy and I are looking forward to a great year.

Yours in the faith,

Potentate Jerry Lower