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Jaffa Journal

Potentate's Message

To All Nobles, Ladies and the Friends of Jaffa,

This year’s Mid Atlantic Shrine Convention in Virginia Beach went as it has in the past. It can’t get much better! All of the Jaffa Units put on their best show for the parade and gave the spectators something to cheer and wave about. All of you, our wonderful Ladies included, “DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE”. Yet again we came home with the “OUTSTANDING TEMPLE” trophy which is primarily based on the overall performance of the Units during the parade. Great job! I am exceedingly proud of every Unit. We all win with this trophy! Next time you see a LOH or Mounted Patrol member give them a pat on the back and say well done. The Legion received three (3) First place trophies with their efforts and the Mounted Patrol received multiple trophies for their performance in the competitions. Congratulate Dave Burchfield for being named “SHRINER OF THE YEAR” by the MASA Mounted Patrol Association. An honor for Dave and also for having him a part of Jaffa.

My congratulations to all the Unit trophy winners.  We had thirteen (13) - Seven first place and six second place. This is a record to be proud of!! YOU DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Trophy winner or not, the entire Divan is exceedingly proud and honored to be associated with you.

I have to thank the very hard working people that made Jaffa’s Hospitality Room, the snacks and the after parade lunch such a success. There were the many who tended bar, my Lady, and the Divan Ladies and Aides Ladies who did the serving and helped with various other things. I especially want to thank Lady Judy, Chief Aide Lanny Edwards and his Lady Lynne also Assistant Aides Sparky Langer and Gary Kurtz and their Ladies JoAnn and Kathy. They went a long way to make the Hospitality Room extra special.

Now that MASA is in the rear view mirror it is time to look ahead. Other than the usual meetings, the next event will be the JAFFA GUN RAFFLE on October 4th, followed by the Potentate’s Ride the Rails trip Oct. 9th to 11th.
October 17th is Ladies Night at Jaffa. There will be two DJs - One for 70s & 80s rock and roll, the other country. Come dressed for either, no tuxes or suit and ties please. Food will be a buffet with food of either period.
October 23rd is the Mounted Patrol/Antique and Classic Car’s 300 Club. Be sure to get your ticket.

November 6th is the Fall Business Meeting.
November 7th is the Fall Ceremonial.
November 15th & 16th is the Baltimore Live trip. Lady Judy and I sincerely hope you can see your way clear to join us. It is supposed to be one of the best on the East Coast!
November 20th is the Potentate’s Roast, and I love chicken!
November 29th is the Ladies Trim a Tree and also Jaffa’s Church Service.

Yours in the Faith,
Paul J. Zell, Jr.